Knowledge of the playful truth

Perhaps truth is playful and will not be kept in fetters?


Alchemical Knowledge - Veritas Ludens

Alchemy is notorious for its obscurity, an
intentional obscurity meant to hide the truth
from the vulgar or so the story goes. C. G.
Jung tells us that the alchemists' obscurity was
so great that not only did they oftentimes not
understand one another, their opaqueness led
them to misunderstand even themselves.

So perhaps the obscurity had a different
origin to the alleged wilful deception of the
vulgar? Following Nietzsche's "Vorausgesetzt,
dass die Wahrheit ein Weib ist," let us assume
the obscurity of alchemy derives from trying
to catch an ephemeral truth, a female-feline
truth refusing captivity!


Lady Alchymia

Lady Alchymia sowing her
beguiling seeds of knowledge



© 2008 Anders Rendtorff Klitgaard